Looking for Love in Presales? The Need for Approval in B2B-Sales

Looking for Love in Presales and solution engineering - the need for approval in b2b sofware sales

Are you looking for love in Presales and Solution Engineering? Then this is the right post for you! In this article, we are looking at how your passion for creating relationships and being likeable influences your presales performance. And how your need for approval affects your sales efficiency. Need for Approval We have all been […]

B2B-Discovery 2.0 – Beyond Business Issues to Drive Change

Sales Discovery Beyond the Business Issue

It is common sense that the discovery is one of the most important stages in our sales cycle and that it can easily make or break a deal. In this post, I am going to share with you one of my favourite questions to ask during your discovery call. And how to use your clients‘ […]

Leading the Witness – Discovery Mistakes B2B Software Sales

Leading the witness is one of the most common but fatal mistakes in b2b software sales during the discovery stage

Presales Discovery Call gone Wrong The discovery call is undoubtedly one of the single most important steps in our sales cycle and can easily make or break our deals. I’ve been through hundreds of discovery sessions in my sales career and read through a dozen frameworks to improve my interrogation skills. I became quickly better […]