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Learn how to master remote software demos in 14 intensive online video lectures. Limited registration time!

Software Demo Masterclass

Learn how to improve your online software demo techniques by attending our Software Demo Masterclass.
Ignite immediate and sustainable revenue growth with smart demo strategies and best practices.

Level Up!

Our Software Demo Masterclass is a practical sales methodology that focuses on maximising your software demo performance. Develop a repeatable demo framework that helps you to differentiate your solution and leverage your own expertise to become your clients‘ acknowledged partner and advocate.

Boost Revenue

Ignite immediate and sustainable revenue growth with smart demo strategies and techniques.

Accelerate Sales

Shorten your sales cycles using more focused demonstrations that enforce your prospects to buy sooner.

Increase Your Dealsize

Increase deal sizes by better illustrating value to the prospect throughout the demonstration.

Course Structure

The online course will walk you through the various elements of a product demo, providing tools and techniques to improve your demo performance and presentation skills.  Learn how to hook your audiende and how to gain and especially retain their attention. Manage the complexity of your solution and provide unique value to your clients. Find below the details for each stage. 

Understand the differences and implications of online demo sessions compared to face-to-face meetings. Learn about buyer behaviour and the importance of gaining and retaining their attention in the on-demand economy.

Having a clear demo structure and plan does not only help you to stay on track. It is also key for your audience to keep up with you and anticipate what is coming next. 

Selling complex B2B-solutions is tough! Learn how to reduce the level of complexity with easy tricks and stop losing your audience.

In this chapter, you are going to learn about actionable and easy to implement advice to enrich your demo toolkit. The step-by-step approach enables you to incorporate new techniques and methods one at a time to continuously improve your demo performance.

Knowing about the most common demo bloopers is not that hard but can increase your demo success rate significantly.​ You are going to learn abou the most common demo no-gos and how to avoid them.


When you register you get access to the entire Software Demo Masterclass. Its an online course with on-demand video lectures available to you 24/7. Develop new skills to excel at what you are doing and fast-track your professional career.

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Wondering why companies invest such little time and money improving their product demos, I started to systematically create the Software Demo Masterclass.

It is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the various elements of a product demo, providing tools and techniques to improve your demo performance and presentation skills.

The Software Demo Masterclass is based on my own experience selling complex B2B-software, and has been enriched with extensive research from industry-leading presales and communication experts.

It is a growing online-resource to empower as many presales folk as possible to deliver compelling and engaging demo.

Max Lüpertz

@ PreSales Rockstars


Upon registration you will receive a link on your email address which redirects you to our online training course platform. There you will confirm your credentials.

This course is meant for anyone selling complex software products via remote demo sessions. It is supposed to enable presales and solution consultants as well as sales engineers and account executives to excel at their job and become key assets who are driving customer satisfaction and business growth at their company.

The content, videos and course material will be available permanently to all paying users.

Members that signed up for free will have access for two months once they signed up for the course.

Of course, the course is 100% guaranteed which means you can ask for a refund anytime within 30 days afer your payment and receive the full reimbursement of your money. So your investment is risk free.

PRESALES ROCKS.TARS and the Software Demo Masterclass are highly recommended to anyone intrested in developing their online sales skills, either for software products or other digital goods. I’ve taken this course last year and now I run my own business.

Tom Bachman – StartUp Founder



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