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Software Demo Coaching

Maximize your software demo performance to boost your sales

Improving your software demo approach is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to grow your business and scale your presales resources. Yet, I’m often negatively surprised how little time and effort companies are spending to increase their demo performance. You are literally leaving money on the table! The demo is your big opportunity to differentiate in a competitive and global marketplace. And understanding the importance of improving your demo game can have a significant impact on the following topics:



Ignite immediate and sustainable revenue growth with new demo and presentation strategies.



Shorten your sales cycles using more focused, pin-pointed demonstrations that enforce your prospects to buy sooner.



Increase deal sizes by better illustrating value to the prospect throughout the demonstration.



Differentiate complex solutions in a competitive marketplace by selling value vs. features.



Provide a repeatable demo framework to enable more efficient demo planning and onboarding of new presales staff.



Reinforce and complement existing sales processes with strategies that produce rapid results.

In every sales cycle, your software demo is usually one of the most critical steps. How often do you have the chance to talk to a group of decision makers to present your value proposition? How often do you have the opportunity to showcase your experience and understanding of your clients’ needs?

Yet, companies are using the same old presentation and storyline that has been introduced back in the days. But things are constantly changing and so needs your demo approach!

Roughly 80% of all demos are done remotely nowadays. Which means that traditional presentation techniques don’t work any longer! Quite the opposite, online demonstrations are counter intuitive and require a completely different skillset to gain and retain your audience’s attention.

In times of on-demand information and overflow, you are fighting the constant battle for attention!

To make things even worse, competition is becoming tougher every day. Information access is easier than ever before, and remote presentation tools allow new competitors around the globe to enter your local territory. The growing adoption of screen-sharing tools is aggravating competition.

However, hardly any (pre-) sales organization has bothered with this change in the way B2B-software business is done. When in fact, it is so easy to leverage your software demo to become your (unfair) competitive advantage. Mastering your online demo presentation skills can easily get you ahead of your competiton – by simply paying attention to little details.

At PreSales Rockstars, we help software businesses boost their sales by maximizing their software demo performance. We have developed the Demo Performance Framework which is a step-by-step guide that enables you to systematically improve your demo approach.

We want you to do things differently than all the others. Looking at the header image, we don’t want you to be one of the sheep sleeping in the background. We want you to be attentative. We want you to know about the little details that differentiate a good demo from an awesome demo. 

And we want you to have a good time together with your clients who will remember you and your business – to ultimately, win more business and accelerate your sales!

We will teach you about the latest audience engagement tactics to improve your audience engagement. You will learn how to gain trust and credibility and lead your audience with structure and intention. You will understand how to craft the most relevant messages connected to your audiences’ context and how to differentiate complex solutions in a competitive marketplace by selling value vs. features.




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