The PreSales Rockstars Framework

Our PreSales Rockstars framework is a practical sales methodology that focuses on maximising your software demo performance. Learn how to engage your audience during your (web-) presentation and excite them about your product to ultimately boost your sales. Compete on key values, rather than losing your audience with irrelevant features and due to common demo mistakes.

Our services

Demo Audit

Professional audit of your software demonstration. Expert feedback revealing potentials and underpinning core messages of your value proposition. In-person debrief with actionable advice to instantly improve your demo.

Demo Performance Workshop

Corporate Demo Performance Workshop for up to eight employees. 1,5 - 2 days coaching providing best practices, tools and techniques to gain and retain your audiences attention and structure your demo. Learnings will be applied to your demo path in interactive sessions.

Open Seminars

Regular open workshops for pre-sales consultants and sales managers. One-day events sharing key principles of winning demos and pitfalls to avoid during your demonstration. Learn about methodologies and tools to excite your audience in remote software presentations.

Video Masterclass

Step-by-step video coaching. Detailed and constantly updated resource of all our best practices and workshop collateral to walk through at your own speed. HQ video material explaining core methods and real-life examples at your own speed - 24/7.

Key Challenge: Retain Your Audience's Attention

You need to make sure to keep your audience engaged, involved and excited about your presentation! If people start answering emails during your demo, you have already lost the deal!

Attention Span of your Audience during a Remote Software Demo

The average attention span is down to five minutes!  People can only focus few minutes without being distracted by emails, notifications or other things around them. Attention is one of the most scare goods whereas notifications are the new gratification of modern society.

Achieve Measurable Success

Leading SaaS businesses have achieved significant results improving their demo game through customized training, coaching and reinforcement. Maximising your software demo performance is key to close more business and achieve your sales objectives.


Shorter Sales Cycle

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Save time and close more business by focusing on actual pain points and value rather than getting lost in less relevant details.
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Increase in Dealsize

Close larger Deals

Build a vision in your customers' minds how your solution will make their life easier. Do not get lost in details to justify the investment costs of your solution.
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Higher Demo Win Rate

Be more efficient

Engaging and exciting your audience during your software pitch leads to significantly better results and a long lasting, positive impression converting more demos into sales.
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Learn How to Master Remote Software
Demonstrations to Increase Your Sales

Learn about the key skills and success factors to bring your demo game to the next level and close more business. You will get actionable advice and learn how to look for common pitfalls and mistakes to instantly increase your demo performance in a remote software setting.

Winning Demo Data

Compare your demo approach against winning demo data and learn about key success factors to close the deal.

Gaining & Retaining Attention

Learn how to gain, and especially retain your audience's attention during your web-presentation.

Tools & Techniques

Benefit from proven tools and techniques to engage with your audience and make them excited about your solution.

Structure & Complexity

Learn how to structure your demonstration to reduce the level of complexity and leave a longer lasting, positive impression.

Language & Tone

In a remote software setup, its all about your tone & language! Get insights how to best use your verbal skills and be confident.

Common Mistakes

Be aware of the most common mistakes in remote demo scenarios to avoid pitfalls and improve your performance.

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Regular updates and best practices how to do great demos and increase your revenue by delivering crisp software pitches.


Short, monthly newsletter with single and actionable advice to remind you of common pitfalls and no-gos.


One-pagers for your desk to tick all boxes and be aware of key success factors at any time.

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Imagine Yourself...

….in a remote software setting where you don’t even see your audience. How can you make sure they will pay attention to your presentation for more than five minutes? How can you make sure they will get your key takeaways rather than getting another cup of coffee?

Luckily, there are proven tools and methodologies to overcome this challenge and keep your audience engaged throughout your presentation. We will teach you the basic principles how to reset your audience’s attention using best practices from hundreds of software demonstrations. Combining our hands-on knowledge with the aggregated know-how of renowned „demo gurus“ such as Peter Cohen, Jason Teteak and Bob Riefenstahl et al., PreSales Rockstars will enable you to instantly bring your software demonstration to another level! 

Often, its only about minor things that differentiate a good software presentation from a winning demo! Start improving your demo performance today to grow your business.

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