Presales Guide to MEDDPICC

The ultimate step-by-step toolkit for Presales and Solution Engineers to master complex software sales. Unlock your full potential and provide value for both you and your customers!

MEDDPICC from a Presales Perspective

Learn how to apply and leverage the MEDDPICC framework from the unique perspective of a presales engineer. Through The „Presales Guide to MEDDPICC“, you go beyond just presenting a product. You become a trusted advisor by crafting solutions that resonate deeply with your client’s objectives and challenges. Our guide equips you to be that go-to expert – and ignite immediate revenue growth. 

Actionable checklist for all MEDDPICC dimensions

Level Up Your Skills!

Our Presales Guide to MEDDPICC is a practical translation of the MEDDPICC methodology that focuses on maximising your presales performance. Develop a actionable and repeatable approach  that helps you to differentiate your solution and leverage your own expertise to become your clients‘ acknowledged partner and advocate.

Trusted Advisor

Elevate your role from being the technical expert to becoming your customer's trusted advisor and go-to-expert.

Customer Focus

Precisely meet your customer's needs by better understanding and addressing their unique challenges across all stakeholder groups.

Internal Alignment

Increase pipeline accuracy by speaking the same language as your sellers and helping them mitigage blind spots in your pipeline.

Ready-to-Use Checklists

Our checklists walk you through the individual elements of the MEDDPICC framework step-by-step, providing you with actionable tools and techniques from a presales perspective.  Learn how to leverage the existing insights and uncover further issues to address all stakeholders adequately. 

Focus on aligning the technical capabilities of your solution with the client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Understand what metrics are crucial to their business success and demonstrate how your solution impacts these metrics.

Identify and understand the Economic Buyer. Offer concise information and insights that link technical capabilities to the economic benefits, helping them grasp the strategic value of your solution. Facilitate complex solutions to increase message retention on management level.

Tailor your technical demonstrations to meet the specific benchmarks and expectations that guide the customer’s purchasing decision. Identify the technical criteria crucial in the customer’s decision-making process.

Gain a clear understanding of the customer’s technical validation steps in their decision process. Help technical stakeholders reach consensus and facilitate discussions to accelerate decision-making.

Ensure all technical specifications and requirements are clearly communicated and documented. Collaborate with legal and procurement teams to clarify technical aspects, ensuring compliance with industry and legal standards.

Perform detailed analysis to uncover customers’ issues and inefficiencies. Use customer language when addressing these issues to increase relevance and understanding. Learn how to focus on strategic, but also operational issues that affect day-to-day business.

Build a relationship with the internal advocate within the client’s organization. Establish mutual objectives and credibility with your technical expertise. Provide the Champion with the technical resources and data they need to advocate for your solution.

Assess the current status of the client’s processes, including the costs of maintaining existing solutions. Articulate the advantages of your solution, highlighting efficiency gains, cost savings, and other improvements.

Sales organisations spend millions to implement new sales frameworks and methodologies like MEDDPICC, SPICED, and others. However, these efforts often overlook the specific needs in solution engineering.

That’s why I have created the ‚Presales Guide to MEDDPICC‘ to bridge that gap and provide a modified approach specifically designed for presales and solution engineers.

It is a step-by-step guide that explores the MEDDPICC framework from a presales and customer viewpoint, focusing on how to utilize this on a daily basis in all your customer interactions.

The Presales Guide to MEDDPICC is based on my own experience working in almost all sales-related roles, including presales, account executive, sales director, and sales enablement. It offers combined insights and strategies to enhance your presales performance.

Max Lüpertz

@ PreSales Rocks.tars



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