Mastering your Software Demos and Complexity with Layered Information

From all the demos I’ve seen, there’s a recurring mistake. Getting into the specific cababilities of your software prematurely. When your potential customers is far from being ready for this level of input. The concept of „Layered Information“ is about tailoring the depth and complexity of the information you are going to present based on […]

The Hidden Cost of Accepting Compliments During your Demo

Receiving compliments during a product demo can feel rewarding, signaling that we are on the right track. However, while positive feedback is always appreciated, it’s crucial to approach compliments with a discerning mindset, especially in the context of a demo. This blog post aims to shed light on why compliments can be misleading during demos […]

7 Reasons Why Presales and Solution Engineering are not a Free Resource

Presales and solution engineering are often perceived as a complimentary service, a misconception that can lead to a devaluation of its true worth. This article aims to shed light on the critical reasons why presales should never be considered a free resource, highlighting the importance of proper valuation and investment in these vital activities. Presales […]

Presales – Your Unfair Advantage

Presales Unfair Advantage B2B Sales

With changing market dynamics and a shift in buyer behaviour, organisations need to understand the importance of leveraging and empowering their presales resources. Buying complex enterprise/B2B-software has become more complex than ever before. As a result, facilitating the buyer’s purchasing process and helping them buy through prescriptive advice has become a critical objective for modern […]

Modern PreSales Definition – Far Beyond Technical Sales

Presales is often described as a sales supporting role – but its not! Presales is all about empowering and educating your buyers. Instead of primarily focusing on your duties along the sales cycle, it is more important to enable your buying champions to accomplish all their challenges throughout their buying journey! You are supposed to […]

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