Reassuring the Economic Buyer: Future Proofing in Presales and Solution Engineering

Thinking Two Steps Ahead in Presales Successful presales and solution engineers need to adapt a post-sales mindset in order to successfully guide their prospects from start to finish. Finish in this case does not mean the contract signature, but the go-live date of your customers; or even the date by when they need to achieve […]

What’s the Sellers Role during a Software Demo?

The Software Demo: What’s the Seller’s Role? Software demos offer a powerful way to demonstrate how your product uniquely addresses your prospect’s most pressing business challenges. A well-executed demo can mean the difference between securing a deal or hearing a disappointing „no“. However, with solutions engineers (SEs) or other technical leads in the spotlight, it’s […]

The Power of Strategic Entry and Exit Criteria to Enhance the Success of your Software Demos

Imagine your sales strategy as a precisely calibrated engine. Without deliberate guidelines, this engine might function, but its performance wouldn’t be optimal or consistent. This is where the significance of entry and exit criteria comes into the picture, acting as a blueprint for a structured and high-quality sales process – ensuring the engine runs smoothly […]

Ultimate Presales / Solution Engineering Guide to MEDDPICC & MEDDIC

A Presales Guide to MEDDPICC MEDDIC

MEDDPICC (or MEDDIC / MEDDPIC) is a well-known method in the sales world, focusing on Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, Champion, Compelling Event, and Competition. It’s traditionally used by sales teams to evaluate deals, ensuring nothing important is missed. This method helps spot potential issues and make smart choices about business […]

Mastering your Software Demos and Complexity with Layered Information

From all the demos I’ve seen, there’s a recurring mistake. Getting into the specific cababilities of your software prematurely. When your potential customers is far from being ready for this level of input. The concept of „Layered Information“ is about tailoring the depth and complexity of the information you are going to present based on […]

The Hidden Cost of Accepting Compliments During your Demo

Receiving compliments during a product demo can feel rewarding, signaling that we are on the right track. However, while positive feedback is always appreciated, it’s crucial to approach compliments with a discerning mindset, especially in the context of a demo. This blog post aims to shed light on why compliments can be misleading during demos […]

7 Reasons Why Presales and Solution Engineering are not a Free Resource

Presales and solution engineering are often perceived as a complimentary service, a misconception that can lead to a devaluation of its true worth. This article aims to shed light on the critical reasons why presales should never be considered a free resource, highlighting the importance of proper valuation and investment in these vital activities. Presales […]


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