The Importance of Solution Consultants Knowing About Their Customers‘ Buying Journey

provide great leadership in enabling customers to navigate their buying journey more effectively and efficiently

Buying complex enterprise software has become more difficult than ever before. What has been a linear process in the past (and is still illustrated this way) has become a tedious back and forth. Rather than following a clear structure, it is a concurrent process of searching for information, validating, and aligning key stakeholders across time […]

Deliver your Demo in Short Sprints rather than Long Marathons

The importance of avoiding monologues and a good „Talk-to-Listen“ Ratio In one of the previous articles we have covered the ideal duration of your software demonstration. Furthermore, extensive data analysis has revealed that winning demos stimulate conversations, especially during the second half of your demo. Still, you might be wondering what is the right ratio […]

How to Reduce the Complexity of your Software Demonstration to not Lose your Audience

The Importance of Managing Complexity Managing the complexity of your software demonstration is a key success factor for not losing your audience. In one of our recent blog-posts, you can learn that winning demos are delivered in short sprints rather then endless monologues. When planning and doing your demo you have to be careful regarding […]