Unlock your Presales Potential

How you sell is as important as what you sell. Empower your presales and solution engineering team to become the differentiator that drives customer satisfaction and business growth.

This isn’t just a lecture where I’ll be talking all the time — it’s interactive learning in a small group of max. 8 participants, where you practice and see progress right away. You’ll develop industry-specific results that you can apply and share with your team immediately.

Max Lüpertz – Presales Rockstars & Bootcamp Instructor

Why You Need to Level Up Your Preales Skills

Lack of Differentiation

Products are becoming increasingly similar, making it hard to compete without relying on pricing. This is why how you sell is becoming as important as what you sell to make a difference.

AI is Leveling the Playing Field

AI enables many companies to quickly catch up and go the extra mile, making it harder to stand out. To remain competitive, you need to focus on unique, strategic approaches that set you apart.

Evolving Customer Expectations

Today’s buyers are more informed and expect personalized, value-driven interactions. Presales must go beyond showcasing the product to understand and address each customer’s specific needs and goals, building stronger relationships.

Beyond the Product: Gaps in Presales Competencies

There are significant gaps in presales competencies, making it hard to fully leverage your team’s potential – when in fact, skilled SEs can outperform any competitor if you can maximize their abilities.

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8-Weeks Program

Focus topics with one (sometimes two…) theme per week to have sufficient time for practicing, role play and manifesting the learnings.

Understand your Customers‘ Buying Journey

Understand your customers‘ needs at each stage of their buying journey to provide the exact type of input they need to effectively navigate their decision-making process.

Unlock Your
Post-Sales Mindset

By anticipating and guiding your customers beyond the sales and product, you will shift your entire discussion to a new level and become your customers‘ trusted advisor because you demonstrate that you genuinely care about their ultimate success!

Identify and Approach Different Personality Types

Learn to identify customer personality types, and how to tailor your approach in discovery, demoing, and other sales interactions to their preferences that click most with your buyers.

Software Demo

Learn the very basics of successful software demos that focus on your customers‘ needs and reduce the complexity of your solution by outsourcing the details to your customers/discussions.

Software Demo

In line with your customers‘ buying journey, there is no one-fits-all demo approach. Learn about various demo formats to use during discovery or evaluation to meet your customers where they are.


„Does this make sense to you?“ is proably the most common – yet stupid – question. Deepen customer insights through effective questioning, leading to more personalized solution presentations and stronger customer relationships. And don’t fall for false-positive statements.

Align with your
Account Executives

Foster a collaborative and strategic partnership between presales and sales teams, ensuring you both leverage your individual strengths and have clear objectives that complement each other.


A variety of practical tips and tricks for your toolkit, such as leveraging customer review platforms, future press releases, and more..!

A Presales Guide to MEDDPICC

MEDDPICC isn’t just a great tool for salespeople. It is also great to add your unique SE-perspective to qualify deals and identify potential blind spots. This session will specifically focus on how you can add value and help secure strategic deals.

Wrap Up: Modern
Presales Essentials

Reflect on the learnings, recent success stories, and how the future of solution engineering will look like – and can be shaped by you!

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Single- or Group Tickets available. As well as dedicated workshops for teams!

Inividual Ticket

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1.599 Per Participant
  • 8-Weeks Course (Remotely)
  • 2x 60 Minute Sessions per Week
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Individual Feedback Sessions
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  • Lifetime Access to Knowledge Base
  • Small group of max. 8 participants
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Group Ticket

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1.299 Per Participant (for 2+ ppl)
  • 8-Weeks Course (Remotely)
  • 2x 60 Minute Sessions per Week
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Individual Feedback Sessions
  • Presales Bootcamp Certificate
  • Lifetime Access to Knowledge Base
  • Small group of max. 8 participants
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Corporate Workshop

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Talk to Me! From 8 Participants
  • On-Site or Remotely
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  • Presales Bootcamp Certificate
  • Lifetime Access to Knowledge Base
  • Min. 8 participants
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Unlock your Potential

This course offers deep insights into modern presales roles, effective software demo strategies, and a comprehensive understanding of the customer buying journey.

Empower your team to deliver customer-centric solutions and drive successful outcomes, becoming true game-changers in your customer engagements.

Max. 8 Participants

Each cohort consists of a maximum of eight participants, making engagement and learning as effective as possible, and addressing individual needs.

Tuesdays & Thursdays*

The two weekly sessions will usually take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays- and will be hosted remotely via Zoom or Google Meet *based on mutual availability

Your Coach – Max

A skilled presales engineer will always outperform a superior product!“

Mastering challenges in complex B2B software sales

As an experienced presales professional, I know the pitfalls and challenges in sales and solution engineering, and would like to help you navigate through them.

Presales Rockstars is my platform for you: Here you will learn everything you need to develop into a PreSales professional and inspire your customers.

My mission:

  • To take your knowledge and skills to a new level
  • Provide you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed
  • Create a community where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and learn from each other

    Why you can trust me:

  • Years of experience in pre-sales and sales, both as an individual contributor and as a manager
  • Successful training and coaching
  • Passion for the further development of talent
  • A large network in the software industry

I look forward to working with you on your personal and professional goals!

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