Modern Presales

The most effective on-the-job training for sales, presales and solution engineers.


In just 6 weeks, we will turn your presales professionals into your competitive advantage, mastering complex enterprise software sales.

Course Syllabus

Session 1: Introduction to Modern Presales
Focus: Defining the role and scope of presales in the modern business environment.
Benefit: Understanding how a well-defined presales role enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.
Session 2: Understanding the Customer Buying Journey
Focus: Exploring the stages of the customer’s decision-making process.
Benefit: Gaining insights into customer behavior to better align solutions with their needs.
Session 3 & 4: Software Demo Essentials
Focus: Key success factors, best practices, and common mistakes in software demonstrations.
Benefit: Enhancing the effectiveness of demos to more effectively showcase solutions.
Session 5 & 6: Tailoring Demos to Customer Journey Stages – Part 3 & 4
Focus: Customizing demos based on different stages of the buying journey.
Benefit: Creating targeted demos that address specific customer concerns and interests at each stage.
Session 7: The Three Layers of Information
Focus: Adapting the complexity and depth of information based on customer awareness.
Benefit: Ensuring clarity and relevance in communications to foster better understanding.
Session 8: Meaningful Questions
Focus: Techniques for asking insightful questions during customer interactions.
Benefit: Gaining deeper insights into customer needs and challenges.
Session 9: Selling to the Enterprise
Focus: Strategies for navigating complex sales environments and engaging various stakeholders.
Benefit: Building stronger relationships and trust with enterprise-level customers.
Session 10: Aligning with Account Executives
Focus: Effective collaboration strategies with sales teams.
Benefit: Enhancing internal teamwork for a unified customer approach and ensuring all opportunities are qualified properly.
Session 11: Trends in B2B-Enterprise Sales
Focus: Adapting to evolving trends in B2B sales and buyer behavior.
Benefit: Staying ahead of market changes to better meet evolving customer expectations.
Session 12: Program Conclusion and Future Planning
Focus: Review of key learnings and development of personal action plans.
Benefit: Participants will be equipped to apply learned concepts to improve customer interactions and sales outcomes.

Unlock your Potential

This course offers deep insights into modern presales roles, effective software demo strategies, and a comprehensive understanding of the customer buying journey. 

Empower your team to deliver customer-centric solutions and drive successful outcomes, becoming true game-changers in your customer engagements.

Max. 8 Participants

Each cohort consists of a maximum of eight participants, making engagement and learning as effective as possible, and addressing individual needs.

6-Weeks Course

The course lasts for a total duration of six weeks, with two weekly sessions of 70 minutes, each. Taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays to maximize retention.

Level Up Your Presales Game

Secure your spot to enhance your skills and become a key asset for your team and customers with our Presales Essentials program. Learn practical tools and strategies to go beyond product knowledge, making you the advantage in every sale. Boost your career, help your customers more effectively, and bring greater value to your company.


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1199 Per Participant
  • 6-Weeks Course (Remotely)
  • 2x 70 Minute Sessions per Week
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Individual Feedback Sessions
  • Presales Essential Certificate
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Understanding Your Customer Buying Journey


About your Coach

My passion is empowering solution and presales engineers engaged in complex software sales to excel at their jobs.

With this in mind, I’ve dedicated myself to turning Presales Rockstars into a platform where professionals can learn, enhance their skills, and become better at what they are doing.

I believe genuinely that presales is the unfair advantage in any sale. With the right knowledge, passion, and the ability to guide customers throughout their buying journey, presales professionals can help customers achieve their objectives and make an impact that fuels both personal and business growth.


Max Lüpertz



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