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Unlock Your Presales Potential: Strategies for Successful Software Demos and Presales-specific Sales Skills

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We drive increased B2B-Sales Performance with Software Demo Trainings & Coaching. 

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Ignite immediate and sustainable revenue growth with smart demo strategies and techniques.
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Shorten your sales cycles using more focused demonstrations that enforce your prospects to buy sooner.
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Increase deal sizes by better illustrating value to the prospect throughout the demonstration and buying journey.
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40 Meaningful Questions to Ask During Your Demo

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How to Ask Meaningful Questions During Your Demo

Enhance your demos by timing key questions to captivate your audience and gain valuable insights!

The questions highlighted in this chapter aim to uncover how your customers are currently handling tasks, how often they encounter specific challenges, what solutions they’ve previously tried, and their expectations for your solution.

By posing effective questions around feature requests, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs, assess the value of their suggestions, and make informed decisions about your product’s development.

This chapter equips you with a set of questions designed specifically for non-engaged audiences, allowing you to bring your audience back into the fold and ensure your software demo achieves its intended purpose.

There are moments in your software demo when you notice a spark of intrigue or surprise in your audience. These instances are golden opportunities to deepen their engagement and connection with your product. This chapter aims to help you make the most of these moments by asking questions that highlight and explore their interest.

Good closing questions serve multiple purposes. They provide a final opportunity for the audience to voice any concerns, questions, or suggestions that may not have been addressed. They allow you to gain a clear understanding of how your audience perceives your product, including which features struck a chord and why. They also help assess any obstacles or concerns that may hinder them from adopting your software.

While asking questions is critical to conducting a successful software demo, not all questions are created equal. Indeed, certain types of questions can lead your conversation astray, confuse your audience, or even leave a negative impression. This chapter is dedicated to helping you recognize and avoid these „bad“ questions.

Demo Audit

Get actionable and profound feedback on your (web-) demo.
Identify blind spots, potentials and techniques to improve your demo success rate and presales staff performance.

Understand how to better gain and retain your audience’s attention and structure your demo to establish raport.

Objective 3rd-party feedback on your demo performance with actionable advice


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Wondering why companies invest such little time and money improving their product demos, I started to systematically create the Software Demo Framework.

It is a step-by-step sales methodology that will walk you through the various elements of a product demo, providing tools and techniques to improve your demo performance and presentation skills.

The Software Demo Framework is based on my own experience selling complex B2B-software, and has been enriched with extensive research from industry-leading presales and communication experts.

It is a growing online-resource to empower as many presales folk as possible to deliver compelling and engaging demos and drive business growth at their company.

Max Lüpertz

@ PreSales Rockstars


Presales Rockstars provides coaching and training for B2B-software companies. We enable presales professionals, sales engineers and solution architects to improve their software demo performance to drive customer satisfaction and business growth at your company.

Our services are meant for anyone selling complex software products via (remote) demo sessions. It is supposed to enable presales and solution consultants as well as sales engineers and account executives to excel at their job and become key assets who are driving customer satisfaction and business growth at their company.

Increasing your and your team’s software demo performance is one of the easiest yet most powerful ways to boost your sales and business growth.

Software demos are one of the most critical steps in the sales process as you are speaking to a variety of stakeholders. It is your single best chance to demonstrate your expertise and convey the value of your product and pain you are going to solve for your prospect.

Do not use a lame one fits all approach and bore your audience to death. Instead, be better, smarter and show of your skills to win more business.

I’ve been into complex B2B-software sales for more than seven years. Ultimaltey, I was able to grow the order entry as UK sales director by 350% to €1,2mn with limited ressources and time. The key was to establish a personal relationship with my buying groups as well as being able to convey the value and benefits of the solution and my expertise. Which led to a demo-success rate of >85%.

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