Mastering your Software Demos and Complexity with Layered Information

From all the demos I’ve seen, there’s a recurring mistake. Getting into the specific cababilities of your software prematurely. When your potential customers is far from being ready for this level of input. The concept of „Layered Information“ is about tailoring the depth and complexity of the information you are going to present based on […]

The Hidden Cost of Accepting Compliments During your Demo

Receiving compliments during a product demo can feel rewarding, signaling that we are on the right track. However, while positive feedback is always appreciated, it’s crucial to approach compliments with a discerning mindset, especially in the context of a demo. This blog post aims to shed light on why compliments can be misleading during demos […]

7 Reasons Why Presales and Solution Engineering are not a Free Resource

Presales and solution engineering are often perceived as a complimentary service, a misconception that can lead to a devaluation of its true worth. This article aims to shed light on the critical reasons why presales should never be considered a free resource, highlighting the importance of proper valuation and investment in these vital activities. Presales […]

Digital Body Language for Online-Demos and Sales – #1 Active Listening

Active Listening for Web-Demos

Actively listening to your clients is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to build trust and empathy with your clients. But in remote demo scenarios, it is significantly harder to replicate the interpersonal connection of any face-to-face meeting. And as a result, we are often missing the cues that each of us sends […]

The Yes-Man – Software Demo Mistakes

If you ask me about one of the most decisive turning points of my presales and sales career, it is the moment I realized that you can actually disagree with your clients! And that they don’t walk away from you if you challenge their point of view! But when I started in software sales, I […]

Objection Handling in Software Demos to close more Deals

Managing objections during your software demo is important. But do not be afraid!

Feel – Felt – Found – The best way to handle objections during your software demonstration In this article, I would like to share with you my favourite technique to handle objections and shift your mindset towards acknowledging them as a positive buying signal rather than a threat during your software demo. To be fair […]

Does it make sense to ask „Does it make sense“?

Software Demo - Questions not to ask

Have you ever used this question yourself? You want to be compassionate and affirm your prospect understands what you are saying. But in reality, you are making things worse. It’s a dumb question. Don’t ever ask that question during your demo! You put yourself in a position of weakness. Asking that question creates uncertainty on […]

10 Ways to Reset your Audience’s Attention during your Software Demo

Selling B2B-software is not just a battle against your competitors. In our modern society, it is also a battle for your audience’s attention. The likes of Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and constant smartphone notifications have reduced the average attention span to less than five minutes. As a result, your audience is having a hard time focusing […]

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